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Januar 2010

Unbelievable but true: The A-Team finally hits the big screen. A trailer is ready and quite true to the original. Have a look at:

Movie Trailer


The new Peter Thorwarth movie "Goldene Zeiten" featuring Dirk Benedict in one of the main parts is going to hit German cinemas on January 26th, 2006. More info at: 06.07.05

A new Mr. T comic series is available now. Please read the following info text:

“Quit your jibber-jabbing and buy my comic!” So says the star of The A-Team: the Mohawk-haired, jewelry-covered actor / former wrestler / powerhouse pop culture icon … Mr.T. On 21st May 2005 – Mr.T’s birthday – and all-new monthly Mr.T comic book series is launched.
Published by UK-based APComics (, written by Chris Bunting, drawn by Neil Edwards and with Mr.T himself as Creative Supervisor, this promises to be excitement as only Mr.T can deliver. Says writer Chris Bunting: “Mr.T is a living legend and therefore earns the privilege of his own comic book. Great stories featuring this larger-than-life star have been going untold, and much to everyone’s delight, we’re going to tell them! “The Mr.T comic will be something that people can relate to, while at the same time, enjoy. It’ll have all the spectacle and drama that makes comic books so exciting.” And announcing possibly the biggest licensing deal in the history of UK comics, APComics’s publisher Richard Emms added: “I honestly can’t put into words the significance of a British publisher having an American icon like Mr.T on our team! He was born to be a comic book star!”

Ask your local comic retailer to reserve your copy of Mr.T now, and don’t forget to check out For further information, interview requests or graphics contact Richard Emms: – Direct dial: +44 (0)1727 852 131 –



Dwight has been added to the list of guests at the Screenheroes convention.

Screenheroes Convention


Dirk is listed as a guest for the Screenheroes convention, taking place in Utrecht, Netherlands on September 24th and 25th. Among the guests are also Richard Hatch, Terry Carter and many others.

Screenheroes Convention


Finally, the A-Team Season One Boxset is also available in Germany with a mixture of the ARD and RTL dubbings, so the voices change constantly from episode to episode. Brilliant picture, German version with irritating subtitles, some very hard cuts from scene to scene, just like someone cut out some commercials.

Meanwhile, the US is waiting for Season Two, which is going to be released on April 12th. More info on the German version at

Universal TV


Dirk is currently working in Good Old Germany, playing the part of an aged Hollywood Star in the Peter Thorwarth movie Strike - Eingelocht (working title). There are still people wanted to be part of a party scene on October 4th. For more information have a look at

Peter Thorwarth Website


Dirk is going to do another cruise in 2005! It´s going back to the Caribbean starting at Fort Lauderdale on January 30th and getting back there a week later on February 6th. Four Caribbean Islands as well as two days at sea with exclusive Dirk events are waiting for you. Check out Dirk Benedict Cruise 2005 for more.


Dirk and Dwight will not only appear in Hamburg on May 15th, but also at New Star Con in Tilburg, Holland on May 8th and 9th. For further information and to book tickets, click the banner!


Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz have been announced to be guests at the 6th Movie and Comic Event in Hamburg, taking place on May 15th, 2004. For more information click on the banner below.

The ATFS will run a fan club table there! See you!


The guestbook has been seperated into several pages to improve performance.


The Baracus News Summer issue will be combined with the Fall Issue, due to the lack of contributions from our members.

In October, the Galacticon 2003 will take place in Los Angeles, following the tradition of Reunions held five and ten years ago. Besides Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch, many more stars have signed up. For more info on the event, go to:

GALACTICON 2003: October 24-26, 2003

There´s also going to be another Dirk Benedict Cruise in January 2004, for more info turn to our Dirk Events page


The guestbook has been seperated into several pages to improve performance. With a slow connection, the old guestbook took a long time to load.


Baracus News 38 "Light" is online now!


Action Replay 2003
At the beginning of the week, Action Replay 2003, the first ever A-Team convention was cancelled. The Bournemouth International Centre, the event´s planned venue, couldn´t be kept after one of the sponsors jumped ship. The search for a replacement remained fruitless - only three weeks time remaining. To all of you out there already holding plane tickets and hotel reservations - we wish you luck to get at least part of your money back. In the meantime, some of the fans try to unite for a private convention, so if you plan to go anyway, check out the event´s mailing list, which is still up.


Some pictures of the actors and the Fedcon report have been missing. On some of the pages, it was not possible to send an email to the ATFS. There have been some broken links. I hope we've found them all. If you should find a broken link, please send an email to the ATFS.


The missing guest stars from L to Z have been added to the guest star list.
Robert Vaughn's "Short Biography" and "His work so far" are online now.


Baracus News 38 is out now!


Baracus News 37 "Light" is online now!


New project! A page dedicated to all the music which was played in the A-Team episodes. Sure, you know about Boy George´s songs. But we get frequent questions about other episodes, e.g. what´s the song played at the beginning of "Theory of Revolution"? (Louie Louie by the Kingsmen by the way...)

Many of you have been asking for a page listing all the music of the A-Team. I don´t have the time to rewatch all episodes - so please help! Just write an e-mail.


Baracus News 37 - fall issue - out now!

Dwight Schultz has also been added to next years Action Replay Convention guest list. Bournemouth is the place to be in March 2003! Click on the Link below or check the Dwight, Lance or Dirk pages!


Baracus News 36 "Light" is online now!


Barcus News No. 36 - Summer Issue - out now!!!


Baracus News Summer Issue almost finished now. Due to professional reasons we are a little bit late this summer - don´t worry, it´s almost on your doorstep.

Fed Con X Gallery online now. Just check the Dirk Benedict section.

Action Replay 2003 - A-Team Convention announced for March 1.-2.2003 in Bournemouth, England. Guests do include Dirk Benedict and Lance LeGault (Colonel Decker). Tickets will be available from July 27th, whole weekend tickets are 70 Pounds Sterling. For further info click Action Replay 2003


FED CON report online now!!! Just check the Dirk Benedict section. FedConX Gallery soon to follow!!


Just in time for the FedCon weekend, Baracus News 35 is online now! See you all in Bonn!


FED CON 10 IS APPROACHING FAST! Here are the latest News:
Dirk Benedict will be appearing according to the program on two panels, taking place on Saturday 12.15 p.m. and Sunday (together with "Boomer" Herb Jefferson Jr.) on 11 a.m. Besides Dirk and Herb, Richard Hatch "Apollo" now also is on the guest list. This is going to be a very Galactic weekend. Day tickets will probably still be available at the door according to the Fed Con people.
The A-Team Fan Society will be located at a fanclub table in the fanclub room on the first floor of the Maritim Hotel. If you are going, be sure to pay us a visit.

For all further questions concerning Star Trek guests etc., please visit the Fed Con page!

Fed Con 10


The latest additions for Dirk´s appearance at Cult TV festival taking place in Southport, England from October 25th to 28th: You may contact the convention team at P.O.Box 1701, Peterborough, PE7 1ER, England or use the following link:
Cult TV Festival

Mr. T has been spotted at the beginning of the music video "Pass the Courvoisier" by Busta Rhymes and P. Diddy. He´s entering a party just the way we know it from the A-Team opening titles - he´s just breaking through a door.


Dwight´s planned talk-based show "Dark Matters" will not be produced. It was intended to be a show based on UFOs and other controversial subjects like conspiracy theories and would have been hosted by Dwight and Don Ecker. Dwight was a frequent guest at Don´t UFOs Tonight radio show. After the events of September 11th, both of them didn´t think it would be right to pursue the project furtheron.

Dirk´s cruise at the end of January 2002 was a success. For the first reactions of ATFS members who were able to be part of it, stay tuned. All members receiving the paper version of the BN will be the first to know...


Dirk is indeed announced to appear at Cult TV weekend from October 25th - 28th, 2002. The convention will be taking place in Merseyside near Liverpool, England.

He is also announced for InConjunction, taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, from July 5th - 7th, 2002.


The ATFS website is linked with now, the homepage of Stephen J. Cannell Productions.

There are rumours that Dirk will appear at Cult TV Con in England later this year. I´ll keep you up-to-date.


Stephen J. Cannell is on tour to promote his latest novel "The Viking Funeral" in the States. So if you have planned a trip there in January or are actually living there, it might pay off to visit in advance.


The Baracus News 34 has been finished and shipped! Our members will receive the new issue during the next days. You'll find the light version on our homepage in the middle of January .


Dirk Benedict is announced as a guest at FedCon 10, taking place from May 10-12, 2002 in Bonn, Germany. Dirk confirmed he´ll be there, if no other responsibilities in acting/writing/directing would keep him from going to Germany.

The ATFS will be there, we´ll hopefully have a table in the fan club room. Hope to meet lots of you there.
For further information, please visit the FedCon Website. You´ll be able to book the convention as well as accomodation there.

Fed Con 10