Other interesting A-Team Links

Dirk Benedict Links (Faceman)

Dwight Schultz Links (Murdock)

Stephen J. Cannell Productions

The site of the A-Teamsīs production company. Infos on Cannell series as well as on Stephen J. Cannellīs books. You have the opportunity to sign up for the Cannell Newsletter here.

The A-Team Resource Page

Big site with a lot of info and even full episodes. Just have a look!

The A-Team Shrine

New site with a lot of info and frequent polls.

A-Team 4U

German site with nice features such as a map of all the countries the team has been to.

German A-Team Resource Page

The German version of the A-Team Resource Page, containing a lot of info.

A-Team Fan Page

German site, containing nice features like video clips.

Legendary TV

Site not only on the A-Team but also on other 80īs cult series like Battlestar Galactica or Knight Rider.


A Team Links Directory With Links To Many Other Popular Retro Television Shows And Current Ones Also

Die Filmfreaks

Site featuring all those classic movies and tv series, Big discussion board.

John Striker

And yet another fantastic classic 80īs show featuring Douglas Burnett as John Striker. Doug might look familiar... Have fun, itīs a great site!

Links to other Cannell series

A site dealing with "Riptide", German

Links to other recent series