The A-Team Fan Society

The A-Team Fan Society has been around since the late 80s when the show appeared for the first time on German screens. It started out as a classic fan club with a printed zine and lots of more or less crazy members. We used to have a German zine called "Baracus News" but due to the enormous interest from foreign countries we changed the language to English in April ´97. In summer 2005 the paper zine was put to rest due to the lack of interest and contributions from members. However, you can still sign up for a newsletter which is sent out in lose order.

The ATFS is an unofficial absolutely non-profit organisation. (I sometimes ask myself why on earth I am doing all this stuff - but it´s a lot of fun, too.)

WeŽd like to stress that we are not able to send any autographed pictures or other items. The show has been cancelled in 1987 and everything connected to it is hard to get, especially autographs. The ATFS is a non-profit fan club from fans for fans and we are not sponsored by anyone.

We currently have members living in America, France, Switzerland, England, Austria and Germany. You ´ll have the chance to get in contact with many other fans.

Sign up for a free online membership if you like. Newsletters appear from time to time in no

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