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Intro (01.02.2002)

The idea for this new section came when browsing through some old articles I have in our archives. Did you know that at the time the series was running for the first time in the US, Universal had a small department especially designed for dealing with people who wanted to hire the A-Team? Yes, youīve read that right, hire the team. When I first read that article many years ago, I considered it very funny and found it hard to believe that there should be actually that many people around having problems to distinguish between fact and fiction. That was before I decided to step forward and run the A-Team Fan Society in 1996. Way before. I have been a fan of the series since 1987, when it aired for the first time in Germany.

Well, I did expect a lot of letters, especially after opening up to foreign countries by publishing our Baracus News in English. But what was to come didnīt exactly match my expectations... During the last years, I have experienced everything from people in Romania asking me to send the team to deliver an old PC up to people who wanted the team to invent a machine to keep a husband from snoring - besides the weekly bunch of letters asking for autographs, posters and other stuff. I have received phone calls during night and day, some friendly, some crazy, some harassing. I seemed to be on the phonelist of people who called me after calling a laundry store on Sunset Blvd in LA and before calling some Veteranīs hospitals to talk to Murdock. This may all seem very funny and in the most cases it was, but sometimes it really got on my nerves and very close to harassment. I have been offered stories for TV magazines as our number showed up for one day in the teletext of RTL accidentally as well as drafts for the new A-Team movie.

Itīs hard to believe how many people seem to think that I have the team waiting in (a) my garage or (b) my basement just to send them out whenever someone should need them. (Iīd like to stress here again that this is NOT the case...:-)

As I donīt think this crazy stuff will ever stop as long as I am running the society, I thought it would be nice to let you know in a diary style about the more interesting and funny things which happen to you if you dare to run a fan club. I will add some things from the past from time to time and also add new stuff as it keeps pouring into the clubīs mailbox.

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