Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you please send me an autograph of the complete team, one of the actors...????
As the show was cancelled in 1987 and George died in 1994, it is almost impossible to find an autograph of the complete team. Autographs of the actors are also hard to find. We are a non-profit club and we are not sponsored by anyone, so itīs just not possible to send stuff for free. There are currently no real working autograph addresses we could recommend. But Dirk does sell autographed pictures and books via his
website. You might perhaps try that.

Does the ATFS have any honorary members, actors from the show?
Yes, we do. Dirk Benedict has been an honorary member since 1997 and Dwight does also receive our zine.

How many members does the fan club have and where do they come from?
We currently have around 65 subscribers to the paper zine "Baracus News". There are a lot more checking out our website and reading the light version of the BN. Our members are living all over the planet, from Germany to Australia, the US, England, Switzerland, Austria, France and many other countries. If you are trying to find a pen pal from another country loving the A-Team as much as you do, this is the place to find her/him. Donīt forget to sign our Guestbook!

How much does it cost to subscribe to the full version of Baracus News?
Our membership rate is currently 15 Euro for fans living inside Germany, 20 Euro for fans outside Germany but inside Europe and 30 Euro for overseas countries (all airmail). Overseas countries can also subscribe to a surface delivered zine, which does cost 20 Euro. The difference is caused only by postage, which is very expensive when the letters get big.

Any other questions? Donīt hesitate to contact ATFS Headquarters .